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CUB Support - 6 week hire period - PICKUP ONLY


The Comfortable Upright Birth, CUB support, is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable birthing support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for them and the baby during labour and birth.


When the mother is in an upright position it can help the baby to be in the best (easiest) position for birth, making more space within her pelvis than if she is semi-sitting or lying on her back. This can not only make labour shorter and giving birth easier but also safer for mother and the baby by reducing the risks of complications during birth.


The CUB can be used in maternity hospitals, birth centres or at home births.


Each CUB comes packaged in its own CUB branded box and includes a Manual inflation pump, Terry cotton cover, CUB drawstring carrier bag and Product information leaflet.



CUB Support - HIRE

  • ub Support Hire 

    The My Midwives Perth  CUB Support hire package includes the supply of the following items:


    •    CUB Support
    •    Box
    •    Inflation Pump
    •    Manual


    The CUB Support is to be returned within 7 days of the birth.


    •    Cub Support dry and wiped clean.
    •    Used according to the Manual Instructions
    •    Hire is for a 6 week period from date of pickup
    •    If CUB isn't returned on the agreed hire date, your credit card will be automatically charge for another 6 week hire period (non refundable)
    •    In the event of damage your card will be charged the full replacement value of the CUB Support.
    •    Your credit card will not be charged but will be kept on file as security.

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